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Was Jesus black?

Published:Friday | December 26, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Reverend Dr Horace Wright

Janelle Oswald, Contributor

CHRISTMAS IS one of the most important Christian festivals celebrated around the world honouring the birth of Jesus Christ.  It is the key time of year where everyone becomes merry, rejoicing in the birth of the Son of God.

However, many scholars have debated who was/is Jesus Christ and have questioned Jesus' ethnicity stating that the Son of God was an African. Helping to demystify this well-documented debate, international speaker, community activist and Reverend Dr Horace Wright - from the Holy Qubtic, with branches across the diaspora including Trinidad and Tobago and Bahamas - speaks exclusively to The Gleaner, revealing Christ's true identity.

Who was Jesus Christ?

The name Jesus is not a Tama-Rean (ancient African) word or even Hebraic. This word was formulated by the Greco-Roman invaders of Tama-re (ancient Africa). It takes its root back to the Roman God Jupiter and the Greek God Zeus, giving you Ju-Zeus = Je-sus. The word Christ derives from the Greek word Kristos, which came from the Hindu Krishna, which originated from the Tama-Rean (ancient Africa) word Ka-rast. Within the Hebraic text, Jesus is known as Yashua (Saviour), and even this was taken from one of our Tama-Rean Guardian-Angelic Host, Shu. These names are titles bestowed on the worthy through their divine lineage. So Messeh Ya-Shu-A Ka-Rast (Messiah Jesus Christ) was His title, not His name.

The Messiah figure references back to 2000 years ago (according to the Gregorian calendar) and is Tut-Ankh-Amun (Tutankhamun), the son of Ankh-An-Aton (the Pharaoh Ankhenaton).

Ankh-An-Aton and his wife Nefer-Titi wanted a son. However, because Nefer-Titi could not conceive, she gave her husband her handmaid Kiya, who birthed a son (also the Abraham and Sarah story), which they called Tut-Ankh-Aten (the living image of the Lord) later to be changed to Tut-Ankh-Amun (the child that held the key to the hidden one).

Jesus is often references as the way (key) to God who no man has seen (hidden one), which was taken from the meaning of Tut-Ankh-Amun's name.

  • Tut means image, image of, (implying child).
  • Anhk means key to eternity, (John 14:6. I am the way the truth and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me).
  • Amun means the hidden one, (Colossians 1:15 who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature).

Why do you believe Jesus was black?

If you were to study through research the region where they say Ya-Shu-a (Jesus) was born, grew and lived, you will find that the indigenous people of that region were of Nubian stock - African. I have always known this as a child and often questioned the pastor of my church growing up. However, he always failed to make this connection, just like countless other so-called religious scholars.

Where in the Bible and other religious books can people find the truth about Christ's ethnicity?

There are many accounts. However, the main three are the following:

1. Revelation 1:13-15 - Gives a description of 'One like the Son of man' meaning Ya-Shu-A (Jesus) had hair like lamb's wool and feet like burnt brass. These two points alone give the description of a Nubian man.

2. Acts 13:1 - Ya-Shu-A's (Jesus) brother Barnabas and Simeon (Simon) were called Niger. The word 'Niger' translates to mean 'black' where the word nigger originated from.

3. Matthew 13:55 - They speak of Ya-Shu-A's (Jesus) mother and His brothers of which Simeon is mentioned again.

All of the above references prove that Ya-Shu-A (Jesus) was a black man.

Why does the concept of a black Christ cause such controversy?

Over the years, 'we' - the black race - have been taught to hate ourselves through slavery, colonisation and latter-day non-African religious ideologies.

Ironically, however, scientists have proven that the origin of man came from Africa, which ties in with the concept that God made man in His own image and likeness. Nevertheless 'we' - Nubians - cannot accept this fact because this would mean that 'we' were on earth first and 'we' are the chosen people of God.

If Jamaicans accepted the concept of a black Christ, how would this change the nation?

The black race has thoroughly been conditioned to think that every other race is above 'us', 'we' believe that only they (Caucasians) can have angelic beings in their image.

By 'overstanding' that Ya-Shu-A (Jesus) was of Nubian heritage and classed as 'The Saviour and Messiah and Son of The Most High Heavenly Father', would subsequently mean that angelic beings that visited humanity were in fact in 'our' image and 'you' in theirs (Genesis 6:4), which means all the wonders of the world were made by you - a black man. Recognition of this truth would further mean that 'we' are the chosen seed contrary to what the Jews proclaim (Rev 2:9, 3:9), which means 'we' would endeavour to once again do great things especially in the mindset of our children. As the famous scripture goes ... . "As a man thinketh so shall he be."

Why has the truth been hidden?

The truth is hidden so those in power can control the world's resources, economy and religion thus humanity as a whole (Ephesians 6:12). Those in power cannot allow the true chosen seed and inheritors to regain their true religious identity because this would mean taking 'our' true position within humanity and bringing to an end their rule and recreating a balance for humanity by way of truth, justice, peace, freedom, love, joy, unity and success.

Why does the ethnicity of Jesus Christ matter?

If the Most High thought this didn't matter it would not have been explained in Revelation 1:13-15. The Most High and the Heavenly Host knew that in this day and time His children would be persecuted and in order to put the world back in order, His chosen seed would need to be uplifted by recognising their greatness. The first step of recognition would be to start with a self-reflected image and none can be greater than being in the image of The Most High Heavenly Father and His Beloved Son.

What inspired you to open The Holy Qubtic Church?

Our Kanesa (Holy Qubtic Church) was founded by the original sacrificial shepherd BaBa Asaru the Neteru (Gaurdian Host). Our Kanesa (Holy Qubtic Church) was revived by the High Priest, Seer and Prophet Ankh-An-Aton 3,500 years ago which is around 2,000 years ago by the Gregorian Calendar.

Our Kanesa is being resurrected, renewed and reformed by the fraternity of the True Ka-Rastian doctrines headed by Reverend A.J. Varmah. I am currently the head of the UK Kanesa (Holy Qubtic Church). However, we have churches in the USA, the Bahamas and Trinidad and currently developing a temple in West Africa, Liberia.

What Bible do you use?

We use the King James Key Word Study Bible because this is the Bible that most people were raised on, and we also use the original books of the Bible. However, we acknowledge that this Bible was originally taken from ancient manuscripts, parchments, tablets and papyrus from ancient Tama-Re.

What is the biggest lie about the Bible and Africa?

I don't think it would be right for me to say what the biggest lie is because that would be my perception of the Bible. Instead, the question should be was and is there in fact an African Bible, which was plagiarised and eventually replaced by the various European Bibles, which have come to dominate the world today? And by changing and manipulating these ancient writings and creating new and different versions, in which they embedded themselves in these new stories, then feeding them back to 'us' as their religion.

The whole European-based interpretation and manipulation of the original books of the Bible itself is the problem. Yet, we cannot be free from it without 'overstanding' and explaining the truth behind the myth within the Bible. We cannot break and free those that are caught in its spell.

Why is it important to correct these misrepresentative and inaccurate accounts of history, black history?

To those that say it doesn't matter, we say that is exactly what they want you to say. Because you have been conditioned to be happy with the little that you have been given and been taught not to rock the boat. African descendant people have been made to feel guilty whenever we speak about our race and the exploitation of our race. Yet, every other race can tell their story of oppression (if they have one to tell), and you feel empathy for them. Why? Can we not see that this is some serious subtle brainwashing going on here?

In order for our children to break out of this spiral declining self-hating cycle, the truth must be told. We must see and acknowledge our present situation. We must seek out our-story and give them back their 'his-story'. We must see the greatness in the things our ancestors created and left behind in their legacy, thus simultaneously realising that 'we' can achieve great things. We must correct the wrong information being taught about our race and become ambassadors for 'our' story and the next generation!