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Published:Monday | December 29, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Written and compiled by Kareem LaTouche and Stephanie Lyew

Top 14 smartphone apps of 2014 - Part 1

The big players in the smartphone and tablet market have already released the year's round-up of top devices, operating system upgrades and applications. So, Tech Times has compiled our list of top smartphone applications for 2014 based off releases, social-media posts, customer reviews and user ratings.

14. CamScanner - The applications developed under the scope of a phone PDF creator can be counted on one hand. Well, maybe two hands. But those that work are few. The CamScanner app is not popular on all smartphone platforms but has attracted half a million user votes on Google Play. Tech Times encourages smartphone users to try scanning their next document with CamScanner.

13. SnapChat - The SnapChat application ends the list of the top apps for 2014 even as an official version of the app is not available for Blackberry or Windows phones. The Beta version does not give a representative idea of the original SnapChat. Even so the number of downloads, users and user reviews continue to rise; the current version 8.1 has an average four out of five star rating.

12. Invoice2Go - Many business that are on the go utilise Invoice2Go. It fits into the top-mentioned not because of customer or user ratings but its user interface. Now, small business owners will not require too many workers or tools to execute simple administrative tasks such as creating invoices, review expenditure, reports and calculate taxes.

11. Candy Crush Saga - Candy Crush Saga is a great way to let off some steam after a long day of work. Both the players and developers have taken the game to the next level. Since December 12, the match-three candies puzzle app has reached the Windows platform. So we can officially say it is available on all platforms and social media. The game has 10 + million votes for all versions and a large following of copycats.

10. Vine - The Vine application earned its spot in the top, moving from an idle video sharing social platform to a journalistic tool. Vine is being used in real-time for real-life occurrences in particular global stories for international news behemoths, such as FOX TV, to reach out to a wider market and relate to all age groups.

9. Flipagram - The creators of Flipagram have dubbed it as the #1 free app in countries with almost 100 million users, although the 4.25 out of 5 star ratings show just under one million votes. Tech Times likes this mini photo moviemaker medium because it is has maintained a bug-free, easy-to-use interactive, and entertaining user interface since its introduction.

8. Runtastic Pro - Quite a few of the fitness applications released this year underperformed and received bad reviews, including Runtastic Pro, but it remained on top because of the correspondence from users and the few that downloaded the app to their smartphones just to see if it was worth it. It is also listed as it serves the purpose it was created for - as a multifunctional fitness assistant to track activities, calories and heart rate. The creators also paid attention to users' comments and improved the stability of the tracker in its recent update for all mobile platforms.