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VOX POP - Do you think that schools should be doing more for the country?

Published:Tuesday | December 30, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Grace Thomas
Ashle Folkes
Roy Smith
Shiyan Barnette

Grace Thomas, St. Catherine - "I think the traditional schools are doing enough. My girls went to traditional schools and they did extremely well."

Roy Smith, Portmore, St Catherine - "Every school different! Some schools have good teachers. For some teachers, teaching is just a job. Wolmer's my daughter leave from and Wolmer's is a good school."

Shiyan Barnette, Kingston - "I don't think they are doing enough in general. If you look at what many schools are doing, they only look at academics. They don't put much focus on other things like morals and values."

Ashle Folkes, Westmoreland - "I can only speak for one school and that is mine. I think Manning's High is doing a good job and I don't see what much more they could do."