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79-year-old retired nurse stabbed to death in Trelawny

Published:Thursday | January 1, 2015 | 11:09 AM
Former Matron at the Falmouth Hospital, Hyacinth Hayden who was stabbed to death in her home in Trelawny yesterday. Seen in happier times with her husband Ashley
It was a picture of gloom at the Granville Baptist Church which was the congregation for the slain retired nurse - Richard Morais

Richard Morais & Janet Silvera, Gleaner Writers

Residents of Trelawny are in shock following the murder of 79-year-old retired nurse and philanthropist, Hyacinth Hayden.

She was killed at her Green Park home near Bounty Hall in the parish in mid afternoon yesterday.

Hayden, a former matron at the Falmouth Hospital, was stabbed multiple times by her assailant or assailants.

Her body was discovered in the kitchen by her husband on his return from the shop.

He had gone to buy phone cards.

The killing cast gloom on Watch Night services in the parishes last night as some people reflected on the life of this Baptist Deacon who worshiped at the Granville church.

Hayden, lived in England for several years before returning to give back to her country in the health service.

She was described as a woman of substance, a golden heart, who was always willing to help others.

"She did not only work at the Hospital. She served humanity. Going beyond the call of duty to help the patients especially those less fortunate," said Florence Logan, former vice president of the National Water Commission and a close friend of Hayden.

On retirement from the hospital, Hayden continued with the profession she loved by working at the infirmary.

A justice of the peace for many years, she chaired the Women's Affairs Committee for the parish and was an involved member of her church and the Lodge.

"So many persons can attest to her love and care. In order to take a vacation, I had to put in place plans for the care of my ailing husband. Nurse did not hesitate when I requested her help and dutifully attended to him during my absence at no cost," said Logan.

Hayden could be seen at Burwood Beach with her husband Ashley 'Tiger' Hayden, almost every morning Monday to Friday.

"We had much laughter and fun there and God knows, it will never be the same again," bemoaned Logan.

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