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Gym Boss team gives to needy children

Published:Friday | January 2, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Sister Shantal is grateful to receive the gifts from the Gym Boss team.
Gym Boss team member Korey Rowe leads the rap session with wards at the Holy of the Innocent Home Sanctuary.-Contributed Photos
Members of the WFC Gym Boss Gears family bringing holiday cheer (from left): Korey Rowe, Saint International model; Clifton Zeus Lee (Jamaica National Body Building third runner-up); Adele Dolabaile, a Trinidadian exchange student; ONeil Williams, creator of WFC Gym Boss Gears; and Jonhoi Vaughn, the face of Gym Boss. The team brought cheer to children and staff at the Holy of the Innocent Home Sanctuary recently.

Williams Fitness Clothing (WFC) is a trendy business that supplies customised gym clothing, making the wearers gym experience more rewarding.

WFC boss ONeil Williams explained the team is made up essentially of students at the University of the West Indies, Mona, who are actively involved in the Student Union gym. Recently, Williams announced WFCs newest innovation, the Gym Boss Alpha (GBA) Line. GBA is a new, exciting initiative, backed by a creative team of young professional trainers, that seeks to promote the growing awareness of health and fitness.

The GBA line is provided to individuals who are determined and willing to try practising a lifestyle of fitness and health.The GBA team visited the Holy of the Innocent Home Sanctuary for children in mid-December. In planning the trip, the team gathered sanitary items and books that amounted to $20,000. The initiative was done to assist the wards of the home and also to give support to the sisters there who care for the wards.

The GBA team was greeted by smiling faces from children aged six to 11. The team engaged the children in a small rap session, giving them some tips and traits that are necessary in practising a healthy lifestyle and in developing good values. Showing off their talents, the 12- to 17-year old wards performed a special tribute in dance for the team, after which the GBA crew spoke to them about the importance of having goals and working towards achieving them.It was then time for the GBA team to visit the stars of the day, the wards of the home who were boarded on the Nazareth Wing of the sanctuary. Most of the wards there are incapacitated and, therefore, could only lay in their beds. Some suffer from various physical ills that affected their mental cognitive response to the teams presence.

However, their warm smiles and movement, though limited, indicated their awareness of the new faces around them.WFC

Gym Boss Gears is committed to making this and other worthy charitable contributions a part of its agenda, bringing joy to well-needy institutions.