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Twitter users mock Arnaldo Brown over game score post

Published:Friday | January 2, 2015 | 9:03 PM
Brown... says he wont be abused on Twitter

Junior Foreign Affairs Minister, Arnaldo Brown, is the source of another social media mocking after a post on Twitter, of a picture purportedly of his performance in the mobile game, Fruit Pops.

The picture, posted through Brown's Twitter account - ArnaldoBrown, MP @BrownArnaldo - urged followers to ‘check out his scores’

“Check out my #FruitPop scores”, the tweet read.

Amid the mocking, there was a retort on Twitter from Brown's handle: "... You think any of you are going to abuse this space on social media where I am concerned?

The junior minister was recently the source of controversy after it was revealed that the bill for his government-issued cellular phone had reached $1 million for the period July 2013 to June 2014 - that's one-fifth of the $5 million incurred by 11 government ministries.

Brown explained that for the period under review he went on 15 overseas assignments and all the calls and data charges were incurred in the execution of his duties.

Just last month, another Government member, Lisa Hanna, who is the culture minister, set off Twitter when she posted a photo in swimwear at the beach.

Hanna received condemnation and comendation for the post.

See some of the reactions to Brown's post

BigBlackBarry @BigBlackBarry 

Before yu do govt werk yu a put high score pon pickney game @BrownArnaldo ? Yu have a phone problem?

Arnaldo Brown, MP @BrownArnaldo  

@BullyRingo @BigBlackBarry you think any of you are going to abuse this space on social media where I am concerned?

The YGL @jahmekyagyal 

@marciaforbes Doc I suggest you give Arnaldo Brown a call ... he needs a social media course ASAP!

Durie Dee @MizDurie

My advice (albeit unsolicited) @BrownArnaldo? Put the phone down. Step away. #ThatIsAll

judz lanimac þ@judzlanimac  

@BullyRingo @MizDurie @BrownArnaldo @BigBlackBarry at least now we know how the million dollars was spent..#FruityPop

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