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Published:Friday | January 2, 2015 | 12:00 AM

The People's National Party, on December 29, celebrated three years since returning to power. Do you think the party has been doing a good job, and what else can they do?

Easton Sproul,

Yes, they have been doing a good job, considering what they were faced with when they came into power. In terms of the economy, we are looking at a brighter future than we had three years ago. Our international partners were not talking to us three years ago, now they are praising us. Even some of our earlier critics, like Forbes Magazine, say our outlook looks great. Murders are down, crime is down. So, economically, we are heading in the right direction. We need to start concentrating on growth, getting more jobs, getting more businesses to start up, making people feel a part of the country. Too many people feel like they are just passing time until they can find the nearest port of exit. To register a company, to start it up, is too expensive, too much bureaucracy. Government has to take the lead in terms of investment as well. The private sector should be the engine, but the Government has to be the steering, and sometimes they should add a little gas as well.


Cecil Lewis

For me, it's 50-50. They inherited a difficult country, but some things could have been done better. Cut red tape to make more investment flow. They take too long to make critical decisions, which, in turn, holds up everything. With the oil prices, they should have found ways to take us off the oil grid. There needs to be more partnership with the private sector for self-investment. The Government needs to enforce laws of the land more equitably and rigidly, they can't just enforce them when they feel like it. This should be the year that the old politicians retire and make way for the young ones with the ideas. The old ones are stunted and always sing the same old song.


Christena Williams-Foster

For the three years they have been in power, all they have done is run this country further into the ground, and have destroyed our dollar value. What they can do differently is to be more transparent in the decision-making and behave as if they are working for the Jamaican citizens and not the other way around. It would be great if they could stabilise the dollar and create more job opportunities.


Carnel Mitchell

Whether PNP or JLP (Jamaica Labour Party) in power, it's always the same. Over the years, I've seen no real improvement in my community or the country since the PNP returned to power. As a young man, I see no form of upliftment or any means of development, especially as it relates to young persons. I think the party can do much better. The party needs to find a way to create developmental opportunities for the younger generation to take advantage of, so we can make something of ourselves, because we are the future of this country.

But, then again, both parties can do better.

As Bob Marley said, "Mi no deh pan no side, a God side mi deh pan".


Harond Brown

The PNP has only returned to power three years now. They have been doing what they can, but dem can't do everything, everywhere, all at once. Growth and development takes time. We may not see it readily happening in this division right now, but I'm confident that they will get here in time. Mama P all the way!


Chester Diah

I would have wanted the Government to be a little more effective and efficient in certain aspects of governance. But they can't do much more than they are doing with all the restrictions from the International Monetary Fund, given the country's resources and the current economic situation. However, they could have spared the country the brunt of the issues such as the failed 360-megawatt project and the Outameni controversy that is still fresh in the minds of many Jamaicans.


Xavier Harris

No they haven't done well, or even lived up to expectations, based on the promises they made to the people. Jobs are a scarcity and people are suffering, while all I see is the prime minister taking too many trips abroad. For the next two years, the Government needs to find ways to create jobs for the people, and they need to live up to their promises.


Milton Marchant

No, they haven't done a good job as a government. They were saying more jobs before they got into power, but, so far, I haven't seen it. The Government needs to concentrate on creating jobs, especially for young people, and that will also cut down on the crime, because, if people are busy working, it will give them less time for criminal activities.


Carvel Thompson

No, I don't see the supposed improvement, all I can see is money being thrown away while the people are suffering as usual. The Government needs to be less selfish. For real improvement, the Government needs to put measures in place to cut down on imports so that more local jobs can be created for the people.