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Sapphire Agriculture looking to grow Jamaica

Published:Sunday | January 4, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Ian Allen/Photographer John Allen, general manager of Sapphire Agriculture displaying one of its products offered locally.

After a year operating locally, Sapphire Agriculture Jamaica Limited is convinced that it is well poised to help farmers grow their profits through improved production and productivity.

The company is banking on the improved technology borne out in the results of extensive trials which, Managing Director Alex Kaminsky says, show its range of products promotes root development, among other benefits, over conventional fertilisers.

Kaminsky explained that the targeted use of essential micronutrients derived from organic matter gives farmers much better value for money, by way of the extended 'stay' in the soil, which results in a more sustained benefit for the plant.

"The organic matter in the soil is important to improving the chemical, physical and biological characteristics because, among other things, it binds up the unused portion of the nutrients locked up the soil, preventing run-off and leaching," explained Kaminsky.

This is among the messages the company with offices at 218 Marcus Garvey Drive, downtown Kingston, has been sharing with farmers, helping them to understand that the imbalanced use of essential plant nutrients can effectively 'weaken' the soil over time, leading to restricted plant growth and development.

According to Kaminsky, this has resulted in many farmers having to use more fertiliser on the same plot of land in order to even match the yield from the previous crop.

The Sapphire line of products addresses this inadequacy in a number of ways, including slow release from natural resources for continuous feeding, activation of the soil, resulting in increased biological activity in the entire root zone, consistent growth response through all seasons, and product flows easily and broadcasts evenly due to controlled particle sizes.


"This makes us the ideal partner for cane farmers, especially those who spend so much money on fertiliser each year because our NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potash) mix significantly enhances the growth quality of the entire plant, resulting in improved and increased yields," boasted Kaminsky.

"It has been demonstrated that organic manure enhances the ratoon cane yield, as well as juice quality, while also improving the physical condition of the soil."

However, he explained that the company's extensive range of organic NPK fertilisers extends to vegetables, tree crops and flowers and has organic certification in the European Union and United States.

This is important, the managing director explained, since it means Sapphire Agriculture Jamaica Limited is ideally suited to meet the needs of small and large farmers, as well as niche markets such as the organic field.

"We want to grow our business here in Jamaica and are convinced that once the farmers try our products they will be impressed by the robust and uniform growth well beyond what they have become accustomed to over the years. So we are confident that in a few years Sapphire will be the brand of choice for Jamaicans."