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“Busy, Busy, Busy” – absent PAAC members proclaim

Published:Monday | January 12, 2015 | 12:00 AMRichard Mitchell
Andrew Wheatley
Andre Hylton
Jermaine Barnaby/Photographer South East St. Elizabeth Richard Parchment (left) and West St. Mary MP Joylan Silvera in Parliament on Wednesday April 9, 2014.
Damion Crawford (Cut out picture of Crawford [Right])
Horace Chang
PRYCE Raymond Pryce raised the matter of NGO oversight recently.
Dr Dayton Campbell, MP for North West St Ann.
Winston Green

With some of their colleagues expressing disgust at the poor attendance record to the Public Administration and Appropriations Committee (PAAC), those who have attended fewer than 60 per cent of the 13 meetings held last year were asked to explain their level of absenteeism. The following are their explanations:

Member Absent Reasons

Dr Winston Green

Absent: 100%

"My name should not be on the list. I sent my resignation letter in last year."

Dr Dayton Campbell

Absent: 85%

"I have been otherwise engaged with government business, in meetings or in my constituency dealing with matters."

Dr Horace Chang

Absent: 77%

"There is no specific reason why I'm not in attendance. I try to make it each time. If I'm not able to attend, that means I'm otherwise busy."

Damion Crawford

Absent: 70%

"As a minister, MP and member of two committees, it's very difficult to attend all PAAC meetings. I do, however, try to send apologies when I cannot attend."

Dr Andrew Wheatley

Absent: 62%

"Each time I am not present, I send my apologies. There are times I could not attend because of emergencies in my constituency."

Jolyan Silvera

Absent: 54%

"I think I have a good attendance record. I am a farmer, so whenever I am not present, it's probably because I am reaping."

AndrÈ Hylton

Absent: 54%

"I'm either travelling on government business or I'm in my constituency doing work. I am in the constituency everyday dealing with various things such as crime, acts of violence and fires."

Denise Daley

Absent: 47%

"I think my attendance is better than most. Chick-V had me out for two sittings, and three times last year I was away on government business.

Raymond Pryce

Absent: 47%

"I can account for each time I was not able to attend. On each of these occasions, I am doing work. I take the PAAC very seriously."

Committee Chairman Edmund Bartlett, Lloyd B. Smith, Fitz Jackson, Richard Parchment, Mikeal Phillips, Audley Shaw, Lester Michael Henry, Marisa Dalrymple Philibert have attended more than 60 per cent of the meetings.