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Calling all Christians

Published:Monday | January 12, 2015 | 12:00 AM
File Politica and business leaders at the 34th National Leadership Prayer Breakfast 2014.

Now more than ever, with the world as it is, there is the need for genuine and determined Christians wherever you serve. Some may be pastors and others may not be.

There are many who have walked away from their callings and ministry. Some have gone to secular industries, hence their communities and nations are feeling the impact of that. Many true Christian leaders have walked away because of financial crisis. Some lack genuine support; some lack the support needed to fulfil their God-given vision. It is sad to say that the impact and pressure that the globe is now facing has impacted the Church most significantly.

The vacuum created globally because of economic mismanagement, the lack of vision of secular leaders, and the fight to create a secular society and exclude God, is creating a huge and negative impact on the people which, ultimately, impacts the community and the Church heavily.

Christian leaders have had to be functioning in areas where other leaders have failed - including politics, judicial systems and processes, and function in areas beyond their calling and scope - in order to maintain civility within the various communities. The daily stresses and other personal issues that the people face have now become the full burden of the church leaders.

It is not that only the church leaders have walked away, but the musicians and singers have also rerouted and have gone to the secular music industry. While many naysayers are quick to curse the Church and its leaders, especially when it comes to money - had it not been for some of those leaders filling in the gap and functioning - there is no other profession doing what the Church is doing globally; and they deserve the best.

Sadly, many countries and businesses have been contributing significant amounts to fund and support immorality. Millions have been given to those who practise witchcraft and the occult, while many true, genuine Christian leaders are walking away discouraged, unable to provide for themselves and their families.


The success of every nation depends on the success of the Church. When the Church struggles - particularly the leaders - the nation struggles. In II Chronicles 31, King Hezekiah realised the importance of holy priests carrying out their functions within a nation and a community. Hence, he called a Tithe Amnesty that the priests can return. Nehemiah did the same. When there is no priest to carry out the burnt offerings and the sin offerings of the nation (prayer and dealing with the spiritual needs of the nation), then there will be problems and curses.

Hezekiah's administration was greatly blessed and the entire nation prospered under him. He led by example and his entire administration followed. How many politicians, businessmen and persons in civil society are tithing to their local Church? How many farmers are giving their first fruits to the work of God, according to the Scriptures (the law of gleaning)? The king prospered because he sought God with all his heart in every work (II Chronicles 31: 21).

The carnal mind sees no profit in such affairs, but the spiritual mind understands the value. Understand that when we ignore biblical principles, we lose the love of God (II Chronicles 31: 10; Hebrews 8: 6; Matthew 6: 33).

Interestingly, even under Pharaoh's administration, the priests were the only category that was not taxed. They also provided rations and gave them land.


Many true Christian leaders, who once helped the communities, have now walked away because of the treatment meted out to them. Even the members/congregants for whom they poured out their all, prayed for and laboured with have neglected their leaders (I Timothy 5: 17). Christian leaders deserve double honour. Sadly, even the very board within the Churches would rather pay the bills and store funds in the building fund account than see to it that the needs of their leaders are met.

Until they get a revelation of how to take care of their shepherds, certain blessings will never come upon them. And while they make demands for 24-hour service from their leaders in the Church, and ask them to accompany them to the hospitals, and every place they need those church leaders, they, in return, show only ingratitude instead of faithful support. I have counseled many Christian leaders and their families who are hurt because of the level of unfaithfulness and ill-treatment.

But God is calling those genuine leaders back now. The world needs you. And as you return, be wise - you are not called to everyone. Lives are depending on you. Your labour will not go in vain.

n Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.