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Christie blasts Dalley over OCG comments

Published:Monday | January 12, 2015 | 8:52 AM
Greg Christie - File

Former contractor general, Greg Christie, is blasting parliamentarian, Horace Dalley, for recent comments he says represent continued attempts by the Government to undermine Jamaica's anti-corruption institutions.

Speaking as chairman of a parliamentary committee on procurement last week, Dalley alleged that the Office of the Contractor General (OCG) has contributed to delays in the awarding of contracts.

Dalley claims public sector entities fear the OCG. He says no country can be productive with long delays in the procurement process.

The OCG also includes the National Contracts Commission which can make decisions only after the OCG goes through applications for government contracts, to ensure transparency.

However, Christie, under whose leadership the OCG gained much attention, says Dalley has misinformed the country.

He is also questioning Dalley's objectives.

Speaking through his Twitter account, Christie questioned how the government will respond to the international community if it attacks anti-corruption institutions.

He is urging Dalley to read a 2012 Inter-American Development Bank report on Jamaica’s procurement systems. That report criticised the Cabinet for intervening in the award of contracts.

It also commended the OCG for credible oversight of the government's procurement activities.

Members of both sides of the political divide have on different occasions criticised the OCG for its actions which they claim cause delays or could derail major investments in Jamaica.

Meanwhile, Dalley says contracts valued at $40 million or more which once took 18 months to two years before reaching the Cabinet for approval, are now being delivered within three months.

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