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Gas prices under $100, consumers smiling

Published:Thursday | January 15, 2015 | 2:52 PM

Some consumers across the Corporate Area have expressed satisfaction at the reduction in fuel prices at various service stations within Kingston and St Andrew.

Yesterday Petrojam announced that gas prices were to fall further today, with a litre of E-10 87 selling for $88.90, and E-10 90 for $90.55 a litre.

Following the announcement, the Energy Ministry blasted gas station operators who have continued to keep prices at the pump high despite reductions in the cost of oil globally.

According to the Ministry users of E-10 87 should be paying less than $100 per litre for that fuel given the reductions announced by the state owned oil refinery.

However, it says this has not been the case as the cost of petrol at the pump continues to linger above the $100 mark.

The ministry has labelled the action of the offending gas station owners as short-sighted and bad for business.

On a visit to a number of service stations in the corporate areaa short while ago, several were observed to be selling E-10 87 gasolene below the $100 mark.

Prices were observed as low as $98 per litre, while the cost of a E-10 90 hovered at about a hundred and 1 dollar per litre.

The Gleaner/Power 106 News Centre spoke to several motorists who were pleased the gas prices were finally coming down.


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