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Empowering lives in Clarendon

Published:Friday | January 16, 2015 | 12:00 AM

MAY PEN, Clarendon:
IF CHAIRMAN of the Clarendon Parish Development Committee (CPDC) Ingrid Parchment has her way, then every Clarendonian would be empowered to better their lives.

With the organisation's main focus being on helping stakeholders in the parish to achieve economic growth, the invitation is being issued to groups, individuals and, organisations to partner with them.

The organisation's presence is being felt through the various youth programmes as well as support given to volunteers.

"CPDC's youth apprenticeship programme, back-to-school treat, direct engagement of the youth through the I Believe conferences and Triple C events." Parchment said they have been reaching out.

Formed in 1999, Parchment took over as head in 2012. She is yet to be satisfied with the accomplishments.

"You are never satisfied, you're very aware that you're a voluntary organisation," she told The Gleaner.


Limited resources


Even as she looks forward to making more inroads, Parchment said her biggest worry is their ability to utilise the limited resources available to the parish to address the challenges.

"Duplication, apathy, and general wastage of resources are contributing factors. Dealing with this means building sound partnerships with local government, NGOs and other groups by creating an information-sharing platform, recognising, supporting, building on programmes that already exists and building people's awareness on topical issues by using social media and other sources. Always use deliberate strategies to include the youth in addition to older persons," she said.


Receiving many letters


Located at Paisley Avenue in May Pen, Parchment said they have been receiving lots of letters about damaged roads and social and economic issues, among other things.

Looking ahead, Parchment told The Gleaner that they are currently in the process of planning three initiatives.

The first is an upcoming walkthrough to build awareness about the vulnerability of young people in the parish, with the two-fold purpose of inviting them to get involved with the organisation also.

The second is an economic forum slated to be held in April. Now in its planning stage, the event is geared at presenting opportunities for economic development in the parish as well as marketing opportunities.

The final is an end-of-January concert proposed by The

Youth and Child Protection Committee.

Lionel Town is being looked at for the venue, with the objective being to focus on crime prevention and reducing teenage pregnancy.