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Old Porus residents to get road

Published:Saturday | January 17, 2015 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
A section of the roadway in Old Porus, Manchester which is to undergo repair.

PORUS, Manchester:

HAVING WAITED more than 10 years for their roadway to be fixed, residents of the Old Porus community in the parish are anticipating the refurbishing of a 1.95 kilometre stretch so that life may become bearable.

The roadway, which is currently used as a bypass when the main road is blocked or has traffic congestion, has been in a deplorable condition for years, with several potholes and poor drainage systems making it hard for vehicles and pedestrians to traverse.

On a tour of the area on Wednesday, Minister of Works and Housing Richard Azan said the work to be performed will attract a cost of approximately $J24.5 million and will begin in the coming week.

"We expect that this project will last three months, and we are hoping that the work will start next week. I know it's a road that is very important to those who have to travel to Mandeville and Westmoreland," said Azan.

In the same breath, the minister warned against speeding and appealed for road care.

"We are not building a racetrack. We are building road for the residents of this community and those who have to use it."

With mixed feelings toward the tour for assessing the road damage, the residents say they are hopeful that the work will start and end without glitches.

"A from 1994 me live yah so, and the road stay same way, but if dem really aguh fix it, we would a feel so much better and have life little easier because we wouldn't haffi pay $250 and $350 fi go a we yard," Angella told Rural Xpress.

With the sentiments of the people's suffering shared by the Member of Parliament Michael Peart, the MP expressed gratitude for the interest shown in the area.


"It's a great relief for the people of Old Porus and Spring Grove, and I'd like to thank the ministry and the minister because when you look at the TV these days, a whole lot of roads are in serious problems, and for us to get priority at this time, it is commendable," said Peart.

With residents, in the past, trying to fix the roads themselves by filling potholes with concrete, the need for a proper road repair is evidenced by vehicular traffic (heavy units) and flood rains in the area.

"When me come out fi guh through the place, mi Clarks (shoes) full a wata nuff time. A we as residents did try fix it couple time and throw stone ina di hole dem and throw lil concrete in deh and do wi likkle ting, but we caan manage it, so we woulda want the road to fix and decent sidewalk fi the water run off," said resident Hubert Elson.

In addition to having soft spots excavated and refilled, the China Harbour Engineering Company, which has the contract, is expected to construct a drain in the area.