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Rickroy Williams Brings Attention to Social Issues through his Passion-Film Production

Published:Saturday | January 31, 2015 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Williams during a live performance of one of the five pieces he wrote and produced for the film.

Mandeville, Manchester:

It is always said that the moment one invests time and effort into something he is passionate about, one will never have to work a day in one's life. Twenty-six-year-old Rickroy Williams totally affirms this.

For years, the lover of arts dabbled in all forms - from visual to performing- but with the need to satisfy a deep yearning to do more and experience more, Williams has now cemented his talents in film and music production.

"I graduated from Munro College in 2004 and copped the award for the most outstanding student in visual arts. Then I attended HEART Trust/NTA Junction Vocational Training Centre, now the Southwest TVET Institute Derrick Rochester Campus, attained certification in furniture manufacturing and got my first formal exposure to entrepreneurship. Undecided about my career because I liked and was good at so many things, I then studied architecture and construction technology at Knox Community College and graduated with an associate degree and a pet peeve in precision. "




With the acquisition of knowledge through each experience, Williams gradually found what he believes is his calling.

"After Knox, I taught technical drawing and visual arts for a year. During that period, I released my first musical product under the brand PTLH (Praise Through Lyrical Harmony). The single was Say Yeah. It got much attention and airplay, which confirmed my own views that I had a natural knack for music. Still a little unsettled with my achievements and bombarded by my parents to get a first degree, I became a student at the Northern Caribbean University in 2009, where I started studying computer information science. While this was a good programme, it wasn't what I needed. I negotiated sitting out of school with my parents. They agreed on the grounds I at least got an

associate degree," said Williams.




After the second associate degree, Williams decided to learn about the industry through networking and informal self-paced learning. His strategy was aimed at building a mutually beneficial network and tapping into the collective creative


"I formed da' Conquest Music [dCm] in 2011, and we had many successes, but the business model was not viable, so it dissolved in 2014. After the dissolution of dCm, I decided to focus my energy on pulling together all my work into a portfolio called rwProjects.

"rwProjects, after much hard work and dedication, came to life on Saturday, January 24, with a much anticipated and very successful official short film premiere and soundtrack debut of Crucible on the roof of Regie's Bistro, which is located in Mandeville.

Crucible, which highlights Williams' talent as a writer, artiste, producer , engineer, actor, director, and editor, also signals his keen interest on bringing focused attention to social issues.

"Crucible highlights current social issues and their effects on young adults. It tells the story of a young man, Quest, played by yours truly, who lives in a socially turbulent community in Manchester and chooses a life of illicitness after being robbed and wounded by community thugs. This decision is discouraged by his best friend, Chris (Richard Gardiner) but endorsed by his newfound ally Sean (Darren Lindsay). Quest's new mandate to rule the streets is, however, compromised by Sean's personal agenda, which creates a riff of unforeseen events.




"While Quest's lifestyle does not affect his friendship with Chris (Richard Gardiner), it complicates his relationship with Trish (Alexia Young), his lover. Also appearing in the film were Jerdain Tibby, Ray-Paul Orie, Sade Brooks, and Daina Clarke.

"The crew includes the likes of Wentworth Kelly from iKon Media; and Ariff Butler from Bloozick; my very opinionated and supportive family, including the brothers and sisters whose bonds are not blood. We also have Shari Kelly, Adrienne Pinnock, Richard Foresythe, Dwayne Palmer, Cris-Gaye Batson, and Alia Wedderburn on board," Williams told Rural Xpress.

With aspirations to formally convert his portfolio, 'rwProjects', into a formal business and to keep having a positive impact on lives through music and film, Williams, who at six years old stood on stage making music with his box guitar and has transcended to this level, wants persons who are like-minded to help bring awareness.

"There are social issues that affect Jamaican young people that need focused attention. It's also important to recognise that there is no one-size-fits-all or solve-all approach, but we cannot be silent while others die in silence ... ."