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I hate my boss

Published:Tuesday | February 10, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Q: I am a professional woman in my early 20s working in a medium-size organisation. My boss does not like me. He constantly moves the goalpost. If he tells me to do it this way and I do it so, by the next time, he does not want the same thing to be done that way. Furthermore, he never praises me and never forgets a mistake I make. I do not believe he is managing his work proficiently. He is largely to be blamed for missed targets. He hardly speaks to me and sends me memos and emails and then is upset when I respond in kind. In addition, he sends messages to me through other staff members. He also gives them directives to give me. I am sick of work! I often have headaches. Sometimes, my stomach churns when I see him. The office is tense and not a nice place to work. I hate Mondays and look forward to the end of each day. Do you think it is a good idea to report him to his boss?

A: I am sorry to hear about your troubles at the workplace. You spend so much of your life at work that it is important for you to experience job satisfaction. Your headaches could be caused from your toxic work environment. You need to turn your workplace from a frustrating place into a harmonious and productive environment that meets its targets.

There are some things you might want to try to improve the work situation. You can change your attitude and not worry how he communicates with you. In addition, it does not take anything off you to communicate with him the way he desires. Try also to be civil to him.

Perhaps he is lacking in confidence and wants to bully you. Therefore, ensure that you affirm him where appropriate about his performance on the job. Finally, when he gives you a directive, let him write it down, and when he changes the same directive, ask for another letter, and then just do it the way he asks for it.

However, reporting your boss could be a good idea if your boss was guilty of corruption and/or illegal activities such as stealing the company's money or sexual harassment. If he engages in sexual harassment, then report him.

If the company is missing targets, then the board of management ought to appraise his performance periodically. You continue to meet your targets.

Your main problem appears to be the relationship with your boss. You need to have a talk with your human resource manager after you have had a frank and affable talk with your boss about the troubles you are facing and the expectations you have of him and ask him what he expects of you.

If these suggestions fail, then keep your options open by seeking alternative employment.