Thu | Jan 24, 2019

Portmore’s Love gang member convicted

Published:Wednesday | February 11, 2015 | 12:00 AM

THE ST Catherine South Police Division is celebrating another major dent inflicted on organised crime in Portmore, following last Thursday's conviction of Shawn McFarlane, allegedly a member of Southboro's Love gang.

McFarlane, reportedly a cousin of the gang's alleged leader, AndrÈ 'Dugu' Love was, on Thursday, convicted in the Kingston Gun Court after being caught in a dragnet last year, May 22, and charged for illegal possession of firearm by St Catherine South's Special Operations Team.

Investigating officer Joel Jones and District Constable Jason McKay testified that McFarlane, when cornered, was caught tossing a 9mm pistol over a zinc fence while holding a child.

Jones, the police said, held McFarlane, while McKay retrieved the fully-loaded weapon - magazine containing 12 rounds and one chambered.

This evidence was strongly contested by the accused man's attorney, who told the court it was not possible for McKay to have retrieved the weapon in 30 seconds, as stated by the policeman.

In an exchange during cross examination, McKay pointed out that the distance was less than 50 metres, which defence counsel insisted would have taken four minutes for the policeman to cover that ground.

After a brief summation, High Court Judge Paulette Williams convicted McFarlane.

Police sources claim the Love gang had risen to prominence in the Portmore Lane and Southboro area, rising from the ashes of the Umbrella Gang, which the St Catherine South cops had smashed in nearby Newland.