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Nestlé breakfast starts here...

Published:Sunday | February 15, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Promoter Esmeline Mattis Banks has just been told that 'good soup must be served in at least 2 cups' - and she complies to the delight of host Jenny-Jenny who was clamouring for 'plenty Maggi fish tea.
This is how it's done: Raymond Sean Wallace (second left), marketing manager of Nestle, shows them how, in 'the best of the push-ups' exercise drill.

If you were wondering where, it was at Mandela Park at Half Way Tree recently. The park was abuzz as the importance of the first meal of the day was highlighted.

The proverbial breakfast table was set everywhere in decorated tents as 'household units' in a village ... and the public, like residents, kept steadily passing through from 7:00 a.m. until the close at 12 noon.

Keeping pace - not setting it - was MC Jenny-Jenny, the energiser bunny. She was the very symbol of the health and wellness the company projected by having members of the public engaged in various exercise drills - a fitness frenzy. Visiting each booth, she spoke with promoters on all what was being sampled, while interacting with the crowd about their very own Nestle breakfast recipes.

Being sampled were NescafÈ Coffee, the Nesfruty powdered beverage, Milo, Supligen, cornmeal porridge sweetened with Betty Condensed Milk and creamed with Nestlé Carnation, Nestlé Breakfast Cereals, and Maggi Fish Tea. Packets of Nesfruty were also distributed, and there was a free health check 'clinic', with body mass index calculated to determine your right weight given your height; blood sugar and pressure tests done; and nutrition counselling provided.

Of course....Nestlé breakfast would have also started with the shop to get all the breakfast and other Nestlé products at rock- bottom prices for savings galore - so on hand was the 'mobile wholesale', the company's van sales unit.

Richard Dunbar, the channel category sales development manager, said the promotion was a corporate campaign developed to align the company's brands to the breakfast-consumption moment. "Part of our strategy is driving Milo and NescafÈ as first-cup consumption,' said Dunbar.




The campaign also highlighted the 75th anniversary year celebration of Nestlé Jamaica Ltd., as explained by Corporate Communications and Consumer Relations Manager Shawna Kidd. "The Nestlé Breakfast Starts Here is a campaign which Nestlé uses as a platform to educate our consumers on the importance of breakfast to learning and good performance," said Kidd.

"In 2015, Nestlé celebrates 75 years, and this event was just one platform to showcase the essence of what we stand for as a company - nutrition, health and wellness. We are proud to be able to nourish the lives of our Jamaican families through education and quality products like Milo, our Nestlé Breakfast Cereals and porridges creamed and sweetened with Betty.

"At Nestlé , we are committed to enhancing the quality of lives for our consumers every day, everywhere at every life stage, and wish to thank all our consumers for their trust throughout these years,' added Kidd.