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Help and you will be helped

Published:Thursday | February 19, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Hello, mi neighbour! There is a level of pleasure which comes only from helping a needy person and it's yours to tap into today! Don't miss it!

Give a thirsty man a cool drink of water on a hot day and watch his expression as he gulps it down. You would've just created a treasure house of pleasure for the soul while adding meaning to life. And I can see thousands of readers nodding their heads in confirmation of this assertion.

Here's a deal! Lay aside a portion of your earnings this month to feed a hungry neighbour or clothe a naked child and watch the outcome! Test it. I recall some years ago (when I was not so rich - ha!), wanting to spend a weekend on the north coast, but had no cash. After responding to a brain wave to make a financial sacrifice to treat a less fortunate family at a popular restaurant, I received more than the amount needed for this weekend, from an unexpected source. And this was no coincidence as some may think. There is a divine law which speaks to giving and receiving: 'Give and it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down and running over'.

Separate and apart from the material benefits of giving, the inner satisfaction is priceless. Two weeks ago, Miss Clarke contacted me in search of a bed for someone she rescued from the streets. By that time, Josephine had called to offer a bed to a needy person. 'Quick o'clock' both parties were connected. Today, the once-needy neighbour now sleeps on a comfortable bed as part of a family instead of passing her nights on a piece of cardboard somewhere else. Could the receipt of a billion dollars produce such a sense of satisfaction for yours truly? No way!

Switching gears here, if many of those persons who have been griping about what they have from what they do not have, would just take an outward look they would come to recognise the many ways in which they are blessed. They can see, hear, smell, taste, feel, dance, walk, run and skip. Of the approximately 285 million people who are visually disabled worldwide, approximately 39 million are totally blind. Millions of our neighbours cannot walk, skip or dance due to physical disabilities. Yet many of these are finding creative ways to make their daily contributions to society rather than griping.

And do you know that every single human being on this earth can contribute to the wellbeing of humanity - directly or indirectly? The infant on its mother's breast is contributing to the joy of parenthood. The brain-damaged individual provides an opportunity for caregivers to display the love welled up in their hearts. Just think of the productivity of the person who is powered by joy and the one powered by an opportunity to show love and you will see where my argument is headed. Everything adds up. Make a start, play your part!




1. Miss Brooks, St Andrew, for financial donation

2. Jennifer, St Andrew, for donation of household items

3. Josephine, St Andrew, for offering a bed to Miss Clarke, who is trying to accommodate a homeless neighbour

4. Claudette for offering a bed to her neighbour

5. Simone, St Catherine, for offering a sewing machine to a neighbour

6. Lisa, St Catherine, for offering a bed to a neighbour







n Neighbour - Single mother of two asking for sheets of ply for an outside kitchen

n Carlett, St James, asking for baby clothing, shoes for four-year-old boy, and large female clothing

n Neighbour, St James, asking for sewing machine to help earn an income

n Alesha, Clarendon, single mother requesting television

n Sadie, St Catherine, asking for a table and a what-not

n Neighbour, St Catherine, gentleman requesting a weed whacker to try to earn a living

n Neighbour, young man, asking for help to pay fees for Bible school.