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Tastee gives grants and scholarships

Published:Thursday | February 19, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Tastee Limited'’s regional manager, Leighton Manhertz (right), shares lens time with students and teachers at Duhaney Park Primary after handing out grants to needy students
Tastee Limited’'s marketing manager, Jamal Tugman, presents the cheque to Principal Sister Angella Harris and scholarship awardees at Immaculate Conception High School

Tastee recently awarded grants to 10 needy students at the Duhaney Park Primary School and three scholarships to students at the Immaculate Conception High School. Sister Angella Harris, principal of Immaculate, who was on hand to receive the scholarships totalling $200,000, expressed her gratitude.

"I have come to believe in Tastee. I have not had a request that I've made of Tastee, in terms of supporting the school, that has not been granted in one way or another, and for this particular matter of the scholarships, I'm grateful for it because many persons think that only rich girls come to immaculate, but it is so far from the truth," she said.

Similar sentiments were echoed at Duhaney Park Primary. Grade-six students were selected for the grants, noted some students are without a proper pair of shoes.

"With a few months before GSAT, some of them are still without text books. For some students who are on the PATH programme, there are days where they will have lunch, and on other days they will not because they simply cannot afford it."

A survey of the GSAT results at the school indicates that students who were previously awarded grants tend to excel at the GSAT examinations, a validation of Tastee's assistance. Principal Lydia Richards was very pleased.

"We have had a long-standing relationship with Tastee. The children have benefited in terms of their lessons, because you know some of them can't even buy one book, so getting this from Tastee has really helped us to help them," she said.

Regional manager at Tastee, Leighton Manhertz, who presented the grants, indicated that Tastee was committed to the success of the students and will continue to support the school with the annual grants.

"Our commitment to youth and education has spanned decades. We will continue to support the school, as this is only one of the initiatives we push in all schools that are a part of the Tastee family," he said.