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Effortville Primary builds 'good character'

Published:Saturday | February 21, 2015 | 12:00 AMHorace Fisher

Good character, they say, makes a good man or woman. With this mantra in mind, Effortville Primary School's Guidance Counselling Department inaugurated its first 'Good Character Day' with the awarding of 19 students with good character badges last Monday.

The awardees were selected from the institution's 330-student population after a rigorous selection process based on the acronym: T-E-R-R-I-C - Trustworthy, Extraordinary, Responsible, Respectful, Industrious and Caring.

The 11 girls and eight boys, after been adjudged the overall winners, were pinned with their good character badges by Woman Inspector of Police Coreen Cameron, who underlined the importance of good character building in student's educational, social and overall development in making a positive mark in society.

The police inspector also implored the students to always display good character, and in all their endeavours, strive for excellence in their lifelong development.

"As students, a good character will contribute significantly to your educational, social and overall development. Therefore, always strive to display good character at all time and ensure that excellence is your hallmark," Inspector Cameron said in her presentation to the Effortville Primary School.

The inaugural awardees are Richauna Campbell, Talia Lewin, Aliyah Thomas, Romarion Williams, Shanika Lewin, Jadon Lewin, Shantia Thomas, Brandon Stockman, Joewayne Johnson, Tajae Edwards, Sasheena Harris, Daniel Foster, Kevaughn Malcolm, Teshawana Harris, Ashaureah Folkes, Treanna Williams, Claricia Duffus, Akil Staple, and Anecia Wallen.

According to the school's guidance's counsellor, Christine Lewin, discipline at the May Pen-based institution is sometimes an issue, and with the disciplinary challenges, the guidance and counselling department has to be always coming up with creative ways to ensure that an acceptable level of discipline is maintained at all times.


proper discipline


"Disciple can sometimes be an issue here, as in most other institutions. However, it is our responsibility, as teachers, to also ensure that we impart not only numeracy and literacy to the students, but also an education of proper discipline," Lewin asserted.

She added: "It is a month-long programme, where we use the theme, 'I am Terrific', and for the entire month, we focus on the eight pillars of good discipline, beginning with the teachers in the classroom who teach the students the essence of good character."

She noted that in 2014, the school also inaugurated a 'Courtesy Month' programme to augment discipline at the institution.