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Fine dining downtown

Published:Tuesday | February 24, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Guests at a staging of Sunday Brunch & Rhythm on the Kingston Waterfront last year.
Jacqui Tyson takes the mike as her co-creator Dr Dennis Howard beams at the launch of the 2014 Brunch & Rhythm Series.

Monthly Sunday brunch returns with a new name and additional venue.

The Jacqui Tyson signature 'Sunday Brunch & Rhythm', which is helping to restore the reputation of downtown Kingston as a place for fine dining, is set to make its return next month.

But, this year, the brunch is to be expanded to include the East Lawn at Devon House and is to be renamed 'Let's Do Brunch with Jacqui Tyson'.

According to Tyson, the brunch will alternate each month between its home base at the Urban Development Corporation's Car Park, near the Bank of Jamaica on the Kingston Waterfront, and on the East Lawn of Devon House.

In making the announcement, Tyson said another new feature of the popular event in the 2015 series will allow corporations or organisations to book an entire brunch as a fundraiser.

benchmark for brunches

Since it was launched four years ago, the family event has become the benchmark for brunches held nationally, featuring an abundance of innovative dishes - elegantly displayed and served by well-trained and friendly staff - together with beverages and music.

Jacqui's signature decor has also remained one of the highlights of the annual series.

Co-created by Jacqui Tyson and Dennis Howard, the brunch series was created to foster a positive perception of downtown Kingston and to aid in the transformation of the area as the centre for various cultural activities in the capital city.