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Three men sentenced for breaches of anti-lottery scam law

Published:Wednesday | February 25, 2015 | 4:10 PM

The police are reporting that three men in Westmoreland have been sentenced after being convicted for breaches of the anti-lottery scam act.

Twenty-three-year-old Dion Labeach of Petersfield, Robert Yates of Frome and Javed Simms were sentenced last week.

Labeach has received a sentence of five-year imprisonment at hard labour which has been suspended for two years.

He was also fined $250,000 or he will face an additional six-months in prison if he does not pay that fine.

The other two convicts, 19-year-old Yates and 23-year-old Simms received similar sentences.

Senior Superintendent Cleon March, who is the director of investigations for the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA) says the convictions and sentences show that the police are making progress in the fight against the transnational scam.

According to him, MOCA will not relent in its fight to take the profit out of crime.

Jamaica has been under pressure to deal with the lottery scam issue which largely targets senior citizens in the United States.