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Five schools in Hanover and St. James stage joint Literacy Day activities

Published:Saturday | February 28, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Teachers and principals representing primary and all-age schools in St. James and Hanover pose for a group photo during a joint celebration of Literacy Day, recently held at the Roehampton Primary School in St. James. From left are Vivian Douglas; Kataniya Edwards; Sheena Reid-Johnson; Morine Messado; Causwell Harvey; Kayla Clarke-Stephenson, education officer; Gerald Lawrence; Cheryl Grant-Mitchell; Winston Jennings and Anthony Murray. Literacy Day is a joint initiative between First Global Bank and the Ministry of Education and is held in 12 schools in St. James, Manchester and Kingston.

Five primary and all-age schools in St James and Hanover collaborated their talents to pull off a successful joint staging of Literacy Day recently at the Roehampton Primary School in St James.

Among the schools that participated in Literacy Day were the Cambridge and Anchovy primary schools, Lethe All-Age and Bickersteth Primary and Infant.

Encouraged by the huge success of the various music literacy-based programmes being undertaken in several schools by corporate conglomerate First Global Bank (FGB) in partnership with the Ministry of Education since October 2011, the St James/

Hanover institutions' administration were weighing in on and tapping into the rich musical resources that have been vastly improving children's numeracy and literacy skills.

First Global Bank, with the support of the Ministry of Education (MOE), first rolled out the Music, Perfect Pitch for a Sound Education project in six schools across St James, Manchester and Kingston in 2011 and have since included six additional schools to the project.


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Literacy Day was held in all 12 schools, including Farm Primary and Junior High and the Bickersteth Infant and Primary in St James.

Cambridge and Anchovy primary schools and Lethe All-Age are not officially enrolled in the project by FGB/MOE, but seized the opportunity to partner with the Bickersteth Infant and Primary, which has been a registrant partner since the inception of the project.

Winston Jennings, principal of the Roehampton Primary School, said his administration examined the Literacy Day initiative and how it could drive the institution along the MOE-requested path that schools find programmes to include in the classrooms that will help to bolster literacy and numeracy among the student population.

"The teaching administration at Roehampton Primary is strongly of the view that the students can benefit from the First Global Bank/Ministry of Education literacy programme," Jennings believes.

"When one of my teachers brought the idea to me to host activities surrounding Literacy Day, immediately I thought it was an excellent concept. We then thought it would have been prudent to invite other schools within the cluster so that a larger student population could benefit."

Said Jennings: "The aim was for principals and teachers from each school to examine how students could benefit from the different programmes within the schools. The fact that each school was able to present a project corner, we believe that everyone in attendance benefited."

Meanwhile, Bickersteth's principal, Vivian Douglas, said he was thrilled to have joined with his colleagues from the other schools to share in the celebrations of Literacy Day, as well as for his teachers and students to share their knowledge through music literacy with pupils from the other institutions.

Literacy Day climaxed at the Roehampton Primary School with the crowning of a Literacy Prince and a Literacy Princess.