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The Wolmer’s Family Pays Tribute to Avis Henriques

Published:Monday | March 2, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Avis Henriques

Wolmerians have joined the ranks of hundreds of Jamaicans celebrating the life and contribution made by their distinguished alumna, Avis Henriques, CD, who died last Wednesday night, after ailing for sometime.

A recipient of the Jamaica Scholarship in 1942, she returned to her alma mater to teach French, Latin and English to decades of Wolmer's girls who saw and would continue to see her as the epitome of the well-rounded student moulded by the Wolmer's Girls' School and readied to take her place in the leadership of the nation. Henriques was the personification of intellect, poise, and a certain confidence that family and career goals are not mutually exclusive, and, indeed, should be pursued to fulfilment.

passion for education

Henriques' contribution to the teaching profession for almost two decades is evidence not only of her own passion for education but also of her profound appreciation for what a good education means for any individual. She translated her solid education into service to Jamaica and Jamaicans, leading critical private sector organisations such as the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce and the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica, at a time when female leadership was not as pervasive as it is now.

In a press release, the Wolmerians expressed how proud they were of the life and contribution of Henriques, a woman they regard as a quiet but resolute exemplar of their motto, Age Quod Agis.