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LIME Provides Tech Support for E-Learning Platform

Published:Friday | March 6, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Contributed Picture From left: Carlo Redwood, vice president for marketing at LIME Jamaica, Wayne Robinson, principal of Quality Academics, R. Danny Williams and Ruel Reid at the launch of the MyLocker E-Learning platform on March 2.

LIME has taken on a key role to support MyLocker, an interactive video-based learning platform delivered to subscribers over the Internet. As title sponsors, LIME invested J$350,000 along with Internet-enabled handsets.

MyLocker is an initiative of One-on-One Educational Services, known for providing personalised educational services through their flagship 'Class-of-10' mentorship programme and e-learning solutions for students at the secondary level. The partnership is supported by the Ministry of Education and was launched on Monday.

With LIME Mobile Internet and the Telco's recently acquired Dekal Super WiFi technology, MyLocker lessons will reach more people in more places across Jamaica. The major plus of this partnership is the delivery of lessons to students wherever they are located and regardless of the type of devices they are using. This will expand opportunities for lifelong learning and lay the groundwork for success at examinations.

Carlo Redwood, LIME's vice president of marketing, said the company will continue to use its technology investments to meet the expanding needs of the population. He singled out education as one of the top priorities to LIME and the growing number of subscribers it serves.

"The MyLocker E-Learning platform enhances the educational experience of the nation's students and makes learning more interactive. We are very aware that the future of education is virtual and, through projects such as this, we hope to help create avenues of opportunity for the delivery of basic and advanced learning to more people in more places," Redwood said.

LIME has already spent close to US$70 million of the US$250 million 'Project Marlin' network expansion and upgrade to bolster its mobile network and deliver Superfast 4G speeds.