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What progress on logistics hub, asks Samuda

Published:Monday | March 9, 2015 | 12:00 AM

The Opposition spokesman on industry and commerce, Karl Samuda, has challenged the Government to articulate some tangible achievements since it embarked on plans to establish a logistics hub in Jamaica.

Speaking during last Tuesday's meeting of the Standing Finance Committee of Parliament, reviewing the Estimates of Expenditure and other documents, Samuda told his Government counterpart, Anthony Hylton, that in the last two years, the administration has been involved "in an intellectual exercise that has led to nothing concrete".

"In the time it has taken you in the last two years to spend more than $50 million of taxpayers' money, Cuba is well advanced in the development of a US$1-billion logistics hub."

However, Hylton, who has responsibility for steering the project, argued that the Government has done significant work over the period.

He said Cuba did not start work on its logistics hub two years ago, noting that the physical infrastructure now in place was the input and work over a 10-year period.

"What we have been able to articulate very clearly for the public and the investor community is a well-integrated strategy and identifying the framework for the logistics hub spelling out, in specific terms, the key infrastructure needs, the policy priorities and objectives, and also the industry analysis to support it," Hylton explained.

According to Hylton, there has been significant investor interest because the Government has articulated a clear vision and strategy for implementation of the logistics hub.

He said the Government would provide more details on the development of the logistics hub during the upcoming Budget Debate.