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Killing of Clarendon school warden could be reprisal - Police

Published:Tuesday | March 10, 2015 | 4:06 PM

Police investigating yesterday's murder of a school warden in Grantham in Frankfield, Clarendon say the incident appears to have been an act of reprisal.

A police source says the woman who was killed is the sister of one of two men accused of a murder in Frankfield last September.

Delroy Smart otherwise called 'Boi' and Leslie Stewart also known as 'Blaaa' were charged in November for the killing of Kirtude Giscombe. 

And the source adds that the brother is due in court later this week. 

Thirty-two-year-old Natalie Gayle, who was a crossing warden, at the Kilsyth Primary and Infant School, was shot dead in full view of students who were just arriving for classes.

The police say a black Honda Civic motor car reportedly used in the shooting was later abandoned in the nearby district of Peckham.

The search is still on for the four occupants. 

Frankfield has been grappling with a gang feud over the last year which has claimed at least four lives.