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China Harbour eyes three hotels on North Coast

Published:Wednesday | March 11, 2015 | 12:00 AM

China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) plans to build three hotels on the 1,200 acres of land it will receive from the Government after it completes the construction of the north-south link of Highway 2000.

A concession agreement between the Government and the Chinese investors gives CHEC the right to build, own and operate the tolled highway for 50 years plus get 1,200 acres of land along the highway.

"I know what is being considered are three hotels with 1,000 rooms. They intend to engage in other developments, housing and commercial," Dr Omar Davies, the country's works minister said.

Ivan Anderson, managing director of the National Road Operating and Construction Company (NROCC), said in Parliament last year that CHEC had made proposals for certain lands as part of the deal.


Roaring river


"We have gotten one proposal to look at some lands for development, which are the UDC (Urban Development Corporation) lands adjacent to Dunn's River ... . It is called Roaring River. They have put together a development plan for those lands, which involve lands south of the North Coast Highway, and also the land on the northern side of the highway," Anderson explained.

CHEC is spending US$610 million on the North-South highway, US$75 million of which is thought to have been spent completing the Mount Rosser bypass, on which Jamaica had already spent US$120 million.

Meanwhile, Davies said CHEC is still carrying out works needed to inform the preparation of an environmental impact assessment on its possible investment at the Goat Islands. The Chinese company is seeking to construct a trans-shipment port at the location.

"They are also seeking to carry out market studies to find firms that will locate (there). The cost of energy will be the critical factor determining their work," Davies said.