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Mico president blasts teachers for 'unprofessional attire' in classrooms

Published:Wednesday | March 11, 2015 | 4:28 PMGleaner Writer
In this photo that has gone viral on social media, a Jamaican teacher wearing a close-fitting skirt writes on a chalkboard.

President of The Mico University College, professor Carol Clarke, says she is concerned about the unprofessional attire of some teachers in the public school system.

She was reacting to a photograph that has emerged on social media showing a Jamaican teacher in a classroom wearing a close-fitting skirt.

Professor Clarke, who heads the leading teacher-training institution in the region, says teachers should understand the environment in which they work.

The educator argues that while teachers must be comfortable, they also have a duty to ensure they are not a source of distraction.

In 2011, the education ministry implemented a universal dress code to govern what teachers wear while they are on the job.

The policy outlined that if persons fail to adhere to the rules, they could face disciplinary actions.

It said that staff members who breach the dress code should be sent home by their supervisors to change into appropriate office attire, and return to work.

However, the Jamaica Teachers' Association had criticised the policy saying the ministry should not be allowed to dictate dress codes for schools.