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Camille Francie fulfilling a passion

Published:Saturday | March 14, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Gareth davis photo Camille Francis preparing juices for her customers.

Port Antonio, Portland:

Although teaching was her first calling, the passion to pursue the dream of becoming an entrepreneur was almost unbearable, and today Camille Francis operates her own juice/smoothie bar at the Portland Craft Village.

'Satisfied, fulfilling, and happy', are just some of the adjectives used by Francis to describe her personal feeling towards owning and operating her own juice business (in partnership with a close family member), where fruit juices are prepared daily to satisfy the craving of many.

"I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur," said Francis. "Even when I was involved in teaching some years ago, I had this urge to start my own business. But financial constraints and the need to continue earning delayed that process. However, today I have managed to fulfil that dream and I am now operating 'Cuzzins Juice/Smoothie Bar'. This is a somewhat new kind of business to Portlanders, but the support is overwhelming."

According to Francis, the location of her business at the Craft Village, along Allan Avenue, in the capital is ideal, as it is accessible to motorists and pedestrians, who have made repeated visits just to get a taste of the variety of fruit juices and smoothies that are available.


Francis, who did not attempt to conceal her excitement at operating her own business, pointed out that she started operating in April 2014, after an application to the Portland Parish Council was approved. She noted that the partnership agreement with a family member, a cousin of hers, is what prompted the name 'Cuzzins Juice/Smoothie Bar.

The entrepreneur, who worked as a pre-trained teacher in the 1990s, also pointed out that although she continues to receive strong support from the local people, tourists, especially those from North America and Europe, who arrived in groups, have also supported her business repeatedly.

The specially prepared juices include peanut and oats, banana glory, and orie delight, stout punch, lemonade, sour sop, and other fruits juices. She capitalises on the fruits in season.

Continuing, Francis said, "Seasonal fruits are purchased at the local market, which is easily acquired. I have always wanted to be involved in business, and I have finally got the chance to explore my opportunities. I really enjoy being an entrepreneur, especially in this business, as it enables me to meet many persons from different backgrounds and cultures. I really like this job. I am urging others to pursue their dream, as this is what makes you feel comfortable and at peace with yourself."