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Guardsman Alarms Celebrates 32 Years of Service

Published:Wednesday | March 18, 2015 | 12:00 AMKeisha Hill
A fleet of Guardsman armoured vehicles.

Electronic security systems installed in homes, malls, and other private and public places help to create a formidable deterrent to security threats in different aspects of today's society. Protective action helps to anticipate and take appropriate remedial action.

In today's complex society, there are many factors that necessitate an effective security and safety system for the protection of assets. According to Garth Kitson, general manager at Guardsman Alarms, a division of the Guardsman Group, effective, planning designed to prevent losses, systems that are most effective, and a coherent security system can protect the assets of a home or organisation.

Now celebrating 32 years as the pioneers in computerised monitoring systems in the industry in Jamaica, Guardsman Alarms, previously Brinks Alarms Limited, over the years, has been serving Jamaica with 24-hour monitoring and response services for home and businesses.


setting precedent


"We were the first security company to establish the first electronic central alarm station, which receives all our clients' calls and signals, setting the precedent other companies now follow. In addition to designing, installing, and maintaining monitoring and alarm systems, our expertly trained staffed central alarm station can mobilise an armed response team into action within minutes," Kitson said.

With a head office in Kingston and branches located in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, and Mandeville, Kitson said they can safely reassure Jamaicans islandwide that they are always protected and never alone. "Guardsman Alarms provides a range of security alarm systems, including vehicle tracking, burglary alarms, panic systems, closed circuit television (CCTV), digital two-way radios, and access control systems to meet the myriad needs of our clients," he said.

According to Captain Garth Gray, general manager - operations, the electronic intruder alarm system (burglary alarms) is designed and installed based on the needs of the clients. "Before installing a system, we ensure that we have dialogue with the client to choose the system that is best for them. Once a system is installed and the sensor is triggered, the system sends a signal to our monitoring station, and based on the client's instructions, we decide on an appropriate response," Gray said.


automative vehicle locator


Police records indicate that 2,000 motor vehicles are stolen each year and of that number, approximately 18 per cent are recovered. The company's automatic vehicle locator, or vehicle tracking device, is installed in the motor vehicle and tracked by a global positioning satellite, and according to Gray, once reported, stolen cars can be recovered anywhere in the island.

"We are backed by the strength of the Guardsman Group and, therefore, we can offer islandwide response. We have had cases of cars being stolen in Manchester and being found in St Mary, so we are that effective. All our devices come with a standard panic button, but there can be upgrades if the client so desires," Kitson added.

Guardsman Alarms also offers CCTV and burglary alarm systems that can be accessed by smartphones. According to Gray, the cost for these services is customised to mitigate against the client's loss. "Depending on the nature of the job, the client's request and affordability and our professional recommendations we come up with a security solution," Kitson said.

Guardsman Group Limited has 13 companies, more than 7,000 dedicated employees, and provides world-class security to citizens across the Caribbean region. Their much-expanded operations stand on 30 years of experience, technical prowess, and the belief in the right to safety for all.