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Holness calls for national ID system

Published:Thursday | March 19, 2015 | 6:04 PM

Opposition Leader, Andrew Holness, is calling for the Government to fast track the implementation of a national identification system which he says will help in fighting crime.

Making his contribution to the Budget Debate in Parliament this afternoon Holness referred to the spate of murders across the country, saying additional measures are needed to help the police to track down perpetrators and bring them to justice.


Leader of the Opposition Andrew Holness

The Opposition Leader also called for fast-tracking of the passage of DNA legislation with provisions for the creation of a DNA database and the mandatory taking of DNA samples from accused persons upon arrest.

Meanwhile, Holness wants the government to establish courts at select police stations.

According to him, Jamaicans in rural Jamaica are being denied adequate justice because of the closure of several courts in rural parishes.

He said the establishment of these specialised courts at designated police stations will serve to increase access to justice.


Leader of the Opposition Andrew Holness

The opposition leader also said he wants the government to seriously consider categorising all minor offences as ticketable offences, similar to traffic violations.

He explained that under this regime the police could be authorised to issue the offender with a ticket which stipulates a fine or the option of appearing in Court.

Mr. Holness said arrests should only become necessary where offenders fail to satisfy the police about their identities.