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St James Police name 19 wanted men including Haitian

Published:Thursday | March 19, 2015 | 1:30 PM

The St James Police have listed 19 men they say are wanted for murders, shooting and wounding committed in the division.

Most of the wanted men are linked with gangs.

They are being urged to turn themselves in immediately.

They are 25-year-old Kegan Beckford otherwise called ‘Beckham’ or ‘Shane’, 22-year-old Ishamar Campbell otherwise called ‘Isha’, and 24 year old David Thomas otherwise called ‘Radigon’.

Also wanted are 31-year-old Nerral Barrett otherwise called ‘Bona’, Andre Hall otherwise called ‘Beenie’ and 21-year-old Ron Samuels, who is being sought for murder.

Junior Lawrence and 25 year-old Cordel Reid otherwise called ‘Ramus’, are also being sought by the police.

The St James police have also listed as wanted Kevin Tobias otherwise called ‘Bredda Bwoy’ and Marshall Dillion, otherwise called ‘Rasta’, who are being sought for murder.

Raceen Reid otherwise called ‘Chaniel’, Patrick Tomlinson, who's also known as ‘Yellow’, 44-year-old Haitian Joel Gefrad and Sheldon Grey who's known as ‘Red Crime’ or ‘Yellow Tape’ are also being sought by the police.

The police have also named Twenty-four year-old Devon Reid, 19-year-old Deandre Harris otherwise called ‘Slick’, 20-year-old Kemar Sawyers, also called ‘Pops’, who are being sought for murder.

Also listed are Steven Malcolm otherwise called ‘Bulby’ and Deshane Hyatt, who's also called ‘Joe’.

Members of the public are being reminded that it is a criminal offence to harbour these individuals and persons who are provide a safe haven for the criminals will be prosecuted.