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GraceKennedy Rewards Customers

Published:Friday | March 20, 2015 | 12:00 AMKeisha Hill
GK Value Reward

The GraceKennedy Value Card, now in its testing phase, and a planned launch in the first quarter of 2015, will see consumers earning points based on the value of transactions and frequency of spend at participating GraceKennedy businesses.

According to Tricia Martin, head, customer loyalty and engagement for GraceKennedy, it wants to recognise its loyal customers and has been committed to creating a customer-focused loyalty programme that leverages the assets of the company.

"We want to create a better value proposition for our customers and consumers, who are the reason we are still around. We have been working on getting everything right for the last two years, and are excited to roll it out to our customers and consumers," Martin said.

Benefits to members will include faster accumulation of points by shopping across GraceKennedy businesses. Currently, there are four participating subsidiaries, Hi-Lo, First Global Bank, Bill Express, Jamaica International Insurance Company, and FX Trader.

According to Martin, the primary roll-out of the card is to build awareness, and GraceKennedy wants to ensure that its customers know that they will be rewarded for their patronage. Customers can access or redeem their rewards by going to the rewards catalogue on the member website and selecting the reward that is best for them.

"Members will earn points based on transaction amounts and frequency of spend at the participating GK businesses. Points earned can then be used by the member to redeem a varied set of reward options," Martin said.

Become part of the programme by visiting: and calling their customer care centre: 1-888-429-5(GKV) 5458.