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Man, woman freed from ammunition charge

Published:Friday | March 20, 2015 | 10:39 AM

The Gun Court has freed Troy Crossly and Shana Kay Horn of illegal possession of four rounds of ammunition arising from a 2011 police search.

The ammunition was found in a bag of salt on a refrigerator in a kitchen at lower Elletson Road, Kingston

The police gave evidence that on May 15, 2011 a team went with a search warrant to the premises occupied by the man.

During the search, the four rounds of ammunition were found and Crossly and Horn arrested and charged.

Attorney-at-Law Carolyn Chuck, who represented both of the accused, argued that her clients were not occupants of the premises and should not have been charged.

Several inconsistencies and discrepancies emerged during cross-examination involving the policemen.

There were also discrepancies including the positions of the cops at the time of the search and the sequence of events that led to the finding of the ammunition.

Justice Nicole Simmonds upheld the submissions and freed the two.