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Dahlia Harris dismissal case heads to labour ministry

Published:Wednesday | March 25, 2015 | 10:54 AM

President of the Jamaica Civil Service Association, O’Neil Grant, says the union will be taking the termination of Dahlia Harris, the former Principal Director of Culture in the Ministry of Youth and Culture, to the Ministry of Labour.

Grant says the union will be seeking leave to go to the Industrial Dispute Tribunal to challenge her dismissal.

Recently, the local Privy Council dismissed Harris’ appeal.

However, the union president disagrees with the ruling.

Grant is insisting that Harris was wrongly dismissed and she has not been given a fair hearing to challenge her termination.

Harris was dismissed in September last year after 10 months in the post.

The union is claiming that Harris was called into a meeting by the ministry’s permanent secretary where she was told that she was being dismissed.

According to the union, Harris was not given a valid explanation about why she was being dismissed neither was she allowed a hearing to challenge the dismissal.

The union is claiming that this is a breach of her rights to due process and a fair hearing.