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Drink Right for a Free Ride Home

Published:Friday | March 27, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Winners of the Drink Right Taxi promotion, from left: Stacy Ann Gordon, Jodi Ann Sewell and Orinthia Bailey, proclaim the message.
From left: Orinthia Bailey, Stacy Ann Gordon and Jodi Ann Sewell winners of the Drink Right Taxi promotion smile for the cameras before riding home for free.

Patrons at the carnival events are getting a chance to be transported to and from the Mas Camp free of cost, for themselves and five friends, as part of Red Stripe's Drink Right campaign. According to Nanda Dukharan, brand public relations manager at Red Stripe, the company is pulling out all the stops to ensure that its customers are able to get to and from the events safely.

Over the last five years, Red Stripe has significantly stepped up its efforts in a national campaign for responsible drinking. The company has applied this to many sponsorships and events, in the spirit of celebrating life, and all experiences, responsibly. This latest move sees the beer

company involving more consumers by partnering with the Bacchanal Jamaica organisation.

"Getting home safely is an important part of responsible partying. So, we decided to provide a designated driver for some of the Bacchanal

revellers. Our fleet of Drink Right cabs has been at the carnival events for the last few weeks," Dukharan said.

"In addition to raising awareness around the issues of underage drinking, excessive drinking, and drinking and driving, the campaign seeks to do even more for consumers by directly affecting their movement to and from the events," she added.

She also said that, at each event, there are brand ambassadors who are responsible for ensuring that they, and persons around them, are always drinking responsibly: Right age, right amount, right way.

This week's winners were Orinthia Bailey, Jodi Ann Sewell and Stacy Ann Gordon.

"We encourage anyone planning to go to Bacchanal Fridays today to pledge to 'Drink Right' and sign up, so that they might just become one of our lucky winners," Dukharan said.