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St Andrew lottery scammer sentenced to three years in prison

Published:Saturday | March 28, 2015 | 7:56 AM

Thirty one-year-old Morris Williams of Red Hills, St Andrew has been sentenced to three years' imprisonment after he pleaded guilty to being involved in the lottery scam.

Williams pleaded guilty in the Home Circuit Court to three counts of having identity information in his possession.

The police carried out a raid at his apartment at Red Hills last year and found him with notebooks and a telephone which had information relating to persons overseas.

Two women Lee Sue and Sasha Kaye Young, who were at the apartment at the time, were charged jointly with Williams.

Prosecutor Kerri-Ann Kemble offered no evidence against the women after Williams pleaded guilty to the charges.

The police went to the premises and reportedly found Williams with two notebooks hidden in a pair of shorts that he was wearing.

The books contained addresses, telephone numbers and credit card numbers of person overseas.

The police searched other areas of the apartments and found several mobile phones which were sent to the Cyber Crime experts for analysis.

However, Williams pleaded guilty before the phones were checked.