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Two youngsters charged for possession of illegal gun, ammo

Published:Sunday | March 29, 2015 | 12:32 PM

A teenager and a 21-year-old are to face the Santa Cruz Resident Magistrate's Court on Tuesday to answer charges of breaches of the Firearms Act.

They are 18-year-old Roshlance Smith and 21-year-old Martin Bowers, both of Carby district in St Elizabeth.

The police say about 4:15 yesterday afternoon a team of officers on patrol accosted Smith. He was searched and one 9-millimetre cartridge found in his possession.

Forty-five minutes later, Smith was escorted to his home where a room he shared with Bowers was searched in their presence. During the search, a homemade firearm containing one 9-millimetre cartridge was reportedly found.

The men were subsequently charged for illegal possession of firearm and ammunition and are both scheduled to appear in the Santa Cruz Resident Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.