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LIME ambushed at Champs? Digicel responds

Published:Monday | March 30, 2015 | 3:07 PM

Telecommunications company, Digicel, is refusing to say exactly how it would react if its rival LIME conducts marketing activities at an event for which it has exclusive sponsorship.

Upon winning a race at the LIME-sponsored boys’ and girls’ championships on Saturday, Calabar athlete, Michael O'Hara lifted his team’s jersey to reveal a red and green undershirt with the words 'Be Extraordinary'.

The phrase 'Be Extraordinary' is Digicel's tagline that has been heavily used in ad campaigns.

LIME has since reacted with fury, calling the move guerilla marketing.

In an interview on Cliff Hughes Online this morning, senior sponsorship and development manager of Digicel, Kamal Powell, described the unveiling as creative.


senior sponsorship and development manager of Digicel, Kamal Powell, speaking with Cliff Hughes on Power 106FM.

Powell says O’Hara was signed more than two months ago.