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Stop 'flashing' lights to tip off other drivers - police urge motorists

Published:Monday | March 30, 2015 | 8:52 AM

The Trelawny police are appealing to motorists to stop using their vehicle lights to alert others of the presence of the police on roads as criminals may use the tip off to escape capture.

The appeal from Deputy Superintendent, Odeen Dennis, follows yesterdays' seizure of 11 guns and a grenade-launcher in the parish during a spot check. 

He told The Gleaner/Power 106 News Centre that the men almost eluded the police because several motorists flashed their lights tipping off their presence.

He says the police saw what was happening and thwarted the bid to escape.

The senior policeman is warning motorists to desist from doing this because, according to him, many lives could be lost based on the number and types of guns seized.

According to reports, the men were stopped while travelling in a pick-up along the Scarlett Hall area of the North Coast leg of Highway 2000.

The guns and grenade launcher were found in a barrel.

About 300 rounds of ammunition were also found.

An investigator says the weapons were concealed in what he called a well-taped and packaged parcel.

Some of the weapons seized included a rocket launcher, an M-16, an AK 47, a Sniper Rifle, one Intratek Submachine, and an Uzi Submachine.

About 3,000 rounds of ammunition were also found. 

The police say 16 guns have been recovered in the parish since the start of the year.