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‘Nuh Guh Deh’... Watson blasts sexual predators

Published:Wednesday | April 1, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Patricia Watson, executive director of Eve For Life, on Monday issued a call for Jamaicans to stridently reject and stop men from physically and sexually abusing and killing young girls across the island.

"We need to condemn every man who is having sex with girl children, we need to state that we know the law ... it is not sex, it is rape, it is sexual assault, it is carnal abuse," said Watson, while speaking at a community forum at the Flankers Peace and Justice Centre, St James. "It is a crime under the law and a sin under God and man."

The forum, which was staged as a part of the 'Nuh Guh Deh' campaign, forms part of an overall programme aimed at arriving at a community consensus on the seriousness of sexual abuse, rape and the killing of young girls; as well as to agree on actions to improve the protection of children from sexual predators.

"Our hearts are full now that we have reached this stage that we have to be telling our big men 'Nuh guh deh' ... stop molesting our girl children. Stop raping our girl children. Stop blighting the future of our girl children," said Watson.

The Eve For life executive director made the appeal against the backdrop of the recent killing of 14-year-old Santoya Campbell of Shrewsbury, Westmoreland, in January, and 14-year-old Kayalicia Simpson of Yallahs, St Thomas, who was hacked to death recently. The girls were said to be victims of sexual abuse because, at the time of their deaths, both were pregnant.

"I know our hearts were full to overflowing when we heard all sorts of remarks coming out, which showed that people in the community knew what was happening, knew that Kayalicia was being sexually abused, and knew she was pregnant," said Watson.

Quoting from the Family Planning Board's survey of 2008, Watson said 34 per cent of adolescent girls reported that their first sexual encounter was forced - that is, their first introduction to the sexual act was through rape.