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Arscott promises there will never be another major fire at Riverton

Published:Wednesday | April 1, 2015 | 12:00 AM
An aerial shot of the section of St Andrew in the vicinity of the Riverton City dump.

Local Government Minister Noel Arscott is promising that there will never be another major fire at the Riverton City dump in St Andrew.

According to the minister, the entire site has now been covered with soil which will make it easier to manage.

The most recent fire at the dump, burned for close to two weeks, disrupting schools and businesses and forcing more than 800 people to seek medical attention.

According to preliminary estimates, it cost taxpayers some $235 dollars to respond to the fire.

The Local Government Minister says the Inter-American Development Bank has committed to providing the government with technical assistance in logistics and landfill management.

He also says the government intends to continue working with Japan to establish a separate facility for the processing of organic waste.

Arscott says this is expected to be implemented by March 31 next year.


Local Government minister, Noel Arscott

In the meantime, Arscott says he’s currently in discussions with potential private sector partners to arrange for the management of tyres, to be removed from the dump. 

He says the government has received 15 Expressions of Interest from companies interested in taking over management of the country’s disposal sites.

The government has been under increased pressure to divest the sites, following the fire at the Riverton City Disposal Site last month.

Speaking  at a Jamaica House media briefing earlier today, Arscott said previous calls for proposal were unsuccessful.

He says he will provide a further update when he makes his contribution to the Sectoral Debate.