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Janique McKoy - the best kept secret

Published:Wednesday | April 8, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Janique McKoy (centre), human resources assistant, receives her plaque and a Black Point 7” tablet from General Manager Emilio Huhn (left) and Andrea Allie-Thorpe.

Janique McKoy left city life to join the staff at Secrets Resorts and Spas in Montego Bay, fresh out of the University of Technology, where she had majored in tourism management.

Still in her early 20s, the petite but strong-willed McKoy is an administrative assistant in the human resources department. She has the responsibility of ensuring that the approximately 1,100 employees' welfare is current so that her bosses' daily tasks can be more seamless. She also serves as an all-rounder/first responder for the department.

Secrets Resorts and Spas holds quarterly staff awards, and McKoy is instrumental in the planning and execution of all these events.

But during their recent staff awards, the best kept secret was hidden from McKoy by her colleagues. Being the one charged with preparing the list of winners of awards and helping to identify and labelling the gifts, it wasn't easy to keep her out of the loop but her colleagues somehow managed to do it.




When McKoy heard the profile of the winner being read by the master of ceremonies, she immediately identified someone else and got ready to celebrate with her.

"So imagine my surprise when it was not that person! It was actually me! I became emotional because even when I was nominated, I told them that I did not want my picture taken and put on the board because I would be the one to place the pictures and the profiles there," said a shocked but elated McKoy, who won the prestigious title of Employee of the Month for December 2014.

McKoy is full of praise for her employers and regards them as a wonderful people who provide the atmosphere for employees to excel and thanked them for providing incentives to aid that process.