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Everybody needs good neighbours

Published:Thursday | April 9, 2015 | 12:00 AM

HELLO MI neighbour! It was so refreshing having a little talk with my next-door neighbour over the holidays. Yeah, neighbours need to do this regularly! Our relationship as next-door neighbours is excellent, to say the least.

A good next-door neighbour is a priceless treasure, which everyone should strive to become, especially in a society where most of us will never get away from living next door to someone. Good neighbours are not perfect, but they possess the perfect qualities for good neighbourhoods.


n Share useful information;

n Build good relationships;

n Lend a helping hand;

n Oversee their neighbour's property, especially in their absence;

n respond to emergencies promptly;

n work for the well-being of the neighbourhood;

n Know when to keep their distance;

n Know how to make and keep the peace;

n Seek to avoid unnecessary altercations.

Bad neighbours are the exact opposite. The well-being of their neighbours is of no concern to them. They expect no one to complain about their indiscretions, especially as it relates to loud music often played many decibels above the legal or tolerable volume. Their participation in community activities is usually null and void and yet, when faced with a crisis, everyone is expected to rally around them. If you think that is ironic, how about the irony of bad neighbours not relishing the idea of living next door to bad neighbours?

Human needs

As social beings, we instinctively desire to be around one another. This has given rise to cities, towns, neighbourhoods, community centres, parks, and beaches, etc., where people meet and interact on a regular basis.

For these interactions to bear good fruit, it is imperative that we develop healthy relationships. It is important to note that healthy relationships are borne from practising what's good for others. We must be mindful of their rights and endeavour not to infringe them. These rights include privacy, peace, rest and security. Unnecessary intrusions into neighbours' personal affairs are therefore a big no-no!

My neighbour once said that "one of the best remedies for one's health is a good neighbour". Sounds plausible to me. How about you? Could it be that many of the ailments dogging us stem from bad relationships with neighbours at the workplace, in community, at church, and the service clubs, etc? This one deserves a research.

Once again, the list below presents cases of neighbours who are not financially well off and in need of help from those who can offer some assistance to them. Contact information is also included below. As we reflect on our neighbourly duty to one another, may we be guided by the popular Jamaican saying: one han' caan clap!

Thanks to neighbours:

1. Andrae, Kingston, for offering to assist Kadian to start business.

2. Neighbour, for offering bed linen to a needy neighbour.

3. Janet, St Andrew, for offering toilet bowl to a neighbour.

4. Marcia, St Andrew, for giving a queen-size mattress to a neighbour.

5. Coleen, for offering clothing to a neighbour.

Opportunities for helping

Shawn, St James, mother is critically ill and needs a medical examination costing $40,000. Asking for help.

n Andrea, St Catherine, asking for $7,000 to start a business. Also needs a bed,

n Steve, St, Catherine, needs a serger sewing machine.

n Ms Rose, Manchester, asking neighbours for a second-hand sewing machine.

n Michelle, St Catherine, asking for sewing machine to sew curtains as income earner.

n Neighbour, desperately in need of a stove.

n Charmaine, in need of a mattress.

n Elderly neighbour, St Catherine, asking for bed linen.

n Lorna, Clarendon, asking neighbours for a little stove.

n Boswell, St Catherine, sickly. Asking for a double bed and a stove.

n Teresa, St Andrew, asking neighbours for a bed and a stove.

n Janet, St Thomas, asking for a wheelchair and a radio.

n To help, please call 334-8165, 884-3866, 299-3412 or deposit to acct # 351 044 276 NCB. (Bank routing #: JNCBJMKX) or send donations to Hello Neighbour c/o 53 Half -Way Tree Road, Kingston 10; email