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Should I take her in?

Published:Thursday | April 9, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Q My sons 12 and 17 are adamant that I take in a needy female cousin. She is 15 and I am afraid of the responsibilities that come with hosting a teenager. Is this bad of me?

A Sit with your sons an discuss the pros and cons of the responsibility of a teenager. You may assist by providing money or other material things.


Christian husband

Q My husband just became a Christian after many years of being an atheist. Now he is very excited and the boys and I are used to him not participating and now he always wants to lead. How can I get him to calm down?

A You may not want him to calm down too much. Just encourage him to allow each family member to take turns and participate equally.

My son wants

to tour Africa

Q At 18, my son has completed his second year of college and desires to take a year off and tour Africa. He will do so with a Christian group. Am I too worried?

A At 18, your son is an adult. Parents are always concerned for their children's safety. Speak with the organisers of the project to learn more of the type of activities that they will be involved in. Discuss the pros and cons of the trip. If he decides to go, keep in touch using the latest possible technology.

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