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James and Friends fete Effortville community

Published:Saturday | April 11, 2015 | 12:00 AMShanique Samuels, Gleaner Writer
Children eagerly await their turns for the bounce-a-about.
Adults and children wait to be served their meals at the Easter fun day.
Children having pool fun at the Easter treat hosted by the James and Friends foundation for the Effortville community in Clarendon.

Over 1,500 children, plus adults, came out on Easter Monday to be part of the James and Friends Foundation's 10th anniversary Easter Fun Day. The heavy showers that pelted the Effortville community and its environs did not deter the patrons from descending on the venue.

According to one sponsor, the 10th anniversary celebration had the biggest turnout since it was first held in 2005. The children were treated to pool fun, rides, and slides as well as music, and lots of food including bun and cheese, as is customary at Easter. Custos of Clarendon William Shagoury, who was in attendance, had high commendations for the coordinator, Otis James, for organising an event of such magnitude free of cost.

"It's a very good effort. We need more people like James to put on more events like these. I wish more parishes had more people like James. He is really committed to what he is doing, and I think he does it mostly from the love in his heart for the children." Shagoury also took the opportunity to encourage parents in the parish, and the country at large, to take responsibility for their children as it is their duty to protect them.


absence of fathers


"If you can't educate, medicate, and feed them, don't have them. Truth is, there are no fathers in this country. Many of the men just impregnate the women and then leave them. The others take no responsibility in raising their children, and that is why we have the kinds of problems we have today involving children." He also urged the children to make good use of the opportunities that they were being given through the James and Friends education programme.

Coordinator Otis James said he was overwhelmed and heartened to see the large turnout of both children and adults. He also expressed gratitude and appreciation to the sponsors and friends of the programme for assisting the needy as well as for contributing their time, efforts, and money to make, the fun day a success.

"Mi remember wen mi small. Growing up, mi couldn't go to a fun day and enjoy it without money. So that is one of the reasons why mi pull out all di stops and try fi come together with the sponsors fi mek dis happen. Mi just happy fi know we could do a ting fi di youth dem look forward to and come out and enjoy themselves," James said. "The best thing on earth is to love one another and share with each other, especially the less fortunate, and give back to the kids to make this earth a better place," he said.