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Tears to soak her sorrows!

Published:Sunday | April 12, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Markeno ‘Plank’ Craig who was stabbed to death, allegedly by his mentally ill brother.
The pain is obvious in the face of Leonie Chambers who is struggling to pick up the pieces after one of her sons was murdered, allegedly by his brother.

Picking up the pieces is a task that's proving a major challenge for Leonie Chambers, mother of Markeno 'Plank' Craig who was stabbed to death, allegedly by his brother Omero 'Richie' Craig, just over one week ago in their Woodhall, Clarendon, home.

As she spoke with our news team last week, Chambers had to take a break on several occasions to regain her composure as she was unable to stop the tears from flowing.

"Plank was my everything, he was my son, my husband, my brother, my sister, my friend," said the mother of four - two boys and two girls.

With a faraway look in her eyes she shared an incident that stood out in her mind.

"I remember when he was just five, at the time we had an outside toilet. I went there and kind a black out. He was looking for me and when he came and saw me unresponsive, he went back in the house, turned on the gas stove, made some tea and returned with a bottle of rubbing alcohol," she related.

According to her, the 'little man' administered treatment with the alcohol and spoon-fed her tea until she was revived. Then with all the strength his little body could muster, he helped her into the house.

"You should have seen him trying to get me in the bed," Chambers related between a smile and even more tears.

Blood pressure soared

The memories are coming in like a flood and with it the need to take the hypertension tablets she has been prescribed by the doctor, as her pressure soared on the news that "her 25-year-old baby" had been killed by the other son from her own womb.

Chambers was emphatic as she responded to the question if she would be standing by her son, the alleged murderer, who is reportedly mentally ill.

"How can I? I love him, but I will never stand by him ... is bad mind why him kill him brother."

Then came the tale of a plea for help where the killer was concerned. According to Chambers, she reached out to the Chapelton police on numerous occasions to "put her son away" but they told her they could do nothing.

"This is not the first time Richie has been violent. He stabbed his little sister in bed with a fork, he smashed the windows of my house and his uncles on two separate occasions. He attempted to stab me on several occasions and he also stabbed Plank in his eye one time," charged Chambers.

On Tuesday, March 31, when she left home to take care of business on the road, Chambers had no idea it would have been the last time she would see her son Plank.

It all started when Plank reportedly took some ganja from Richie and told him he smoked too much. Plank also reportedly took a knife from his brother.

Neighbours say Richie talked loudly that he was going to kill his brother before he went into his house.

Stabbed from behind

As the older brother sat around a computer playing music, Richie allegedly walked around the back, crept up behind him and plunged the knife into his chest.

"Richie has always been demanding. He always wanted what wasn't his. He would cut his clothes up and turn on his sisters and brother own. He wasn't born mentally ill, it's the drugs," said Chambers.

The grieving mother said she has given a seven-page report to the police and doesn't expect her only remaining son to be cleared of the heinous act he committed.

According to Chambers, she will not be going to court during her son's trial as she wants to put it all behind her.

As for the funeral arrangements for her beloved, the autopsy has not been done yet, but the arrangements for his funeral have been taken out of her hands as her family plans to shoulder the responsibilities, giving her time to gather her strength - something which is proving to be a challenge.

Until then, she embraces the memories and allow the tears to wash her sorrows away.