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Amended headline: Tyres burning, but not at Riverton dump as Fire Brigade advised

Published:Monday | April 13, 2015 | 12:00 AM
View from upper St Andrew.
View from upper St Andrew.
View from Up Park Camp, Kingston.
View from Waterhouse drive, Kingston.
View from Olympic Way kingston.

From our archives: Riverton fire in March of this year.

Earlier today Jamaica Fire Brigade said that there was a “big” fire raging at the Riverton dump in St Andrew, however, this is not so.

See update story at this link: UPDATE: No fire at Riverton dump, Local Government Minister upset about erroneous Fire Brigade report


The Jamaica Fire Brigade says a “big” fire is now raging in Riverton, St Andrew.

Emeleo Ebanks, the brigade’s public relations officer, says three units are now responding to the blaze.

He says the fire is restricted to a section of the dump where old tyres are stored and the blaze is "pretty big".

However, the Local Government Minister says the blaze is near the dump not at the dump.

Ebanks says details such as how and when the fire started are yet to be determined.

This latest fire comes 12 days after Local Government Minister Noel Arscott declared that Jamaica will never see another major fire at the dump.

Last month, a fire at the dump caused a national emergency and disrupted commercial and school activities in sections of the Corporate Area, St Catherine and Clarendon.

Never Again! Arscott says Jamaica won't see another major fire at Riverton

Health officials also reported test results revealing the presence of the cancer-causing chemicals in the air.